First update!

Hi! Thanks to everyone, who played this game, almost 800 players!

We got so much feedback about the game and today we just launched a new update that fixes most of them like:

  • Grammar corrections.
  • Script improvements.
  • Avatar character background.
  • More of Jagger.
  • Music and SFX corrections.

Right now we are working in the avatar system, multi languages and also a leaderboard for making this game more competitive.

 We hope you enjoy this version.

Our Kickstarter release is on June 29!



Design Hero Studio 73 MB
Jun 22, 2017
Design Hero Studio 70 MB
Jun 22, 2017

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I just installed the new update and now I can't see any save or load options? How does that work? The rest of the game looks great! Can't wait till the full game comes out!