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  • Description

    Madmen meets Phoenix Wright. 

    You must learn how to work with the creative team of all kind of creatives and accountants to deal with deadly clients in chapters of an average hour of gameplay each one. Start as intern of the most prestigious design agency in the world: Jagger & Jones.

    Depending on your decisions you will improve your relationship with your colleagues, maybe you can discover your new love or your new enemy.

    The projects will grow in impact from small restaurants, to international artists or cities during one year in the game. Participate in design tournaments against other players, and challenge them in the leaderboards.


    Have you ever felt lost? It is assumed that after finishing college you should feel safe, or at least with an idea of the direction you want to take in you life.But I feel completely confused and uncertain.

    Thats the new adventure of your player, the young creative that begins an internship in Jagger & Jones, the best agency in New York.

    He is going to meet with a cast of crazy characters as Angie Jones, a business woman that have problems to make relationships because the men she dates are threatened by her career, Yu Watts a day dreamer introvert otaku and book eater that get distracted easily, Ronnie Taylor the drama queen, Ruby Wyman the rebel and music lover, Samantha Richards the project manager and “mom” of everyone, the legendary and mysterious Trevor Jagger and lots of eccentric clients, extras and cameos.

    Will you become the next creative rockstar?

    Features (Final version, this is an alpha)

    • Start as an intern and level up as a partner or maybe start your own company.
    • Date, talk or fight with your colleagues and clients.
    • Customize your character and office space.
    • Leaderboards and design contests.
    • More than 5 hours of gameplay.

This site is for showing our demo and get feedback so please fill this poll after you finish the game. https://docs.google.com/forms/...

Our Kickstarter campaign starts on June 29.

If you want to join the campaign please send and email to akinabagames@gmail.com or join in www.akinaba.com


Design Hero Studio Mac.zip (73 MB)
Design Hero Studio Win.zip (70 MB)

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